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"Louise clearly rose to the challenge of finding an alternative and worked hard to deliver an on-line class."


​​​09.30 Pilates with Louise




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“I’ve done 3 class online in a week and they are brilliant! I feel great!”

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09.30 Stretch & Relax with Tamsin

18.00 Pilates with Coleen


09.30 Pilates with Tamsin

18.15 Pilates with Louise

“I have been a member of Louise Clancy Pilates for about 2 years now.  As it became inevitable that the face to face classes would not be able to continue for the time being I was feeling really disappointed that I would not be able to continue a hobby I was really enjoying and which was proving beneficial for my health and wellbeing.   

Louise clearly rose to the challenge of finding an alternative and worked hard to deliver an on-line class.

The first class was on Thursday and was brilliant, I used my laptop which provided a clear view of Louise and I was able to follow her instructions which were as clear as if I was in the class.
I am so pleased that I can continue with my Pilates practise in an interactive environment as I am hopeless at doing it without the direction of a tutor.

I would say this if you want to continue with Pilates or start Pilates and need the direction and motivation of a tutor then give an online class a go.”  

“ I see familiar faces on the screen and it makes me feel part of a group and not isolated”


19.15 Pilates with Victoria

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18.00 Pilates with Louise

19.30 Pilates with Kathryn

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09.00 Pilates with Kathryn

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