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What you need help with right now:

Although you know you need to strengthen your core, you are not really certain of how to do that! And you feel you are not ready to jump into a mainstream class where everyone else might already know what they are doing! You want to learn the exercises you need to do to get stronger and move more freely in a comfortable and non-intimidating environment.

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"Everyone is so friendly & relaxed.

Don't be afraid about going on your own!"

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Where you are at right now:

You’ve never done Pilates before and are feeling a little nervous about trying it for the first time.

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The programme that will suit you best is the “Beginners Pilates Course”

Our expert team of instructors will welcome you into our 4 week Beginners Pilates Course. We understand it’s a little daunting to try Pilates for the first time and put you at ease. Everyone on the course are also trying Pilates for the first time and feel just like you! In the Beginners course it’s ok to be at the back of the room! It’s also ok to just stop and watch an exercise if you are unsure. We guide you slowly through the basic principles of pilates and the basic exercises to ensure you feel good and benefit from a stronger core and freedom of movement. 

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"As a busy Mum, it's great to have an hour to focus on me!"

The problems you are having right now:

You may have been advised that you need to strengthen your core or perhaps you are feeling like your body may not be moving as freely as it should. You’d like to understand how you can strengthen correctly to feel more ease of movement in your body.



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