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"Pilates has relieved my back pain!"

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I've exercised all my life but still suffered with stiffness and back pain. Pilates has relieved this pain and given me the freedom to move safely and effectively, I'd highly recommend Lou’s sessions, they helped me grasp the basic principles of Pilates so I am moving in the best way for my body and ensure I get the most out of my work out. I feel more flexible and pain free!

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What you need help with right now:

Getting stronger through your core to relieve aches that may be persisting through your body. Improving your posture and feeling like you want to do general everyday tasks with more ease.

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Where you are at right now:

You feel like you really need to relieve aches and stiffness and start to move more freely. You have exercised previously or may be participating in a little exercise at the moment. You may have done a small amount of Pilates in the past, even if it’s just 1 class!

Rachael, Gresford

THE gold programme

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The problems you are having right now:

You are short on time. You have a busy life but are struggling to relieve aches and stiffness, perhaps your lower back is giving a niggle and you really want to feel stronger and more flexible.

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The programme that will suit you best is the “Gold Pilates Programme”

Perfect for those short on time! Our flexible Gold membership allows 5 classes per month at ANY of our venues across Wrexham and Cheshire! This means that life will not get in the way of you relieving aches and stiffness, moving more freely and feeling stronger and more flexible. Our extensive timetable means you can mix and match and never miss your Pilates class. By the third or fourth class you will be feeling a difference!

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"I'm able to do more things that I just wasn't able to do prior to Pilates!"