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What you need help with right now:

Getting the ongoing motivation to strengthen your core, relieve aches and stiffness and gain that improved posture and flexibility. You want an experienced instructor to correct you regularly throughout your week to ensure you are getting the best possible benefits QUICKLY!


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"The classes have a great range of basic and challenging Pilates moves"



"My flexibility is so much better!"

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Where you are at right now:

You have time on your hands to dedicate to you. You want to relieve your aches and stiffness and move more freely FAST! You want to feel those results FAST!

The problems you are having right now:

You know you need to strengthen your core to help relieve back ache, you want to create tone and improve your flexibility and you want to do it NOW! You expect rapid postural improvement and you want variety during the week with your classes to ensure you are also getting a real overall Pilates body workout.

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The programme that will suit you best is the “Platinum Pilates Programme”

You get FAST results on our Platinum Pilates membership! This is because you get access to UNLIMITED classes, you can come to every class if you wanted to! There are no restrictions to getting the improvement and benefits you want. As Joseph Pilates says…. “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.”



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I had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and made a decision to lose a lot of weight ,3 stone at least and I needed to increase exercise and I choose Pilates and and swimming. Being a 60 +year old male I was unsure about being the odd one out in a class of younger more able people. It turns out this wasn’t the case at all and I was quickly put at ease. I have been guided and encouraged from the 1st session and Louise is always happy to give options and advice about individual needs. The classes have a great range of basic and challenging Pilate moves. Since starting Louise’s classes my increase of core strength has greatly improved as well as my long standing hernia and general posture which was really poor.